Car Hard Polish

Hard Car Buddy Polish

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  • Hard Rubin Compound
  • Hard Scratch Remover
  • No Silicone Added

Jalasanj Coarse car polish is a pure polish with excellent polishing power that is used by all car manufacturers and car paint repair workshops (smoothing and painting) and is popular with professionals in this profession.
Coarse polishing machine does not have polishing properties and is in fact a complement to soft polishing. This polish is used in cases where there are deep scratches, and in these cases, first by using rough polish, the scratches are removed to a large extent, and then by using soft polish, the desired place is polished.
Rough polish can never be used alone and due to its strong abrasion properties, useless and inexperienced use of it can cause serious damage to the car paint, so be sure to consult a skilled person before use if necessary.
If you use a rough polish, expect that the surface of the paint will be completely opaque, but do not worry because then you have to use a soft polish to give the matte surface a full gloss.