Slow Cure Milpox

Slow Cure Two Component Epoxy Paste (120 Min)

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Jalasanj Milpox is a twin multifunction paste which is a kind of two-component epoxy based paste. It has the most proponents among model makers, maquette makers, antique and statue conservators, and industrialists. It is also used for sealing the bathroom, filling the holes and cracks in the houses. Moreover, considering the unique features of the two-component paste, you will be able to use your creativity in order to make interesting, exciting, and entertaining new function for the paste.
Flexibility, convenience of use, great shaping, hardness, and a 100-year-durability can be named as the reasons why this paste is popular.
Milpox gets as hard as a stone after getting dry and it is possible to be as well sanded, filed, done turnery, drilled as you can.
Milpox paste has the most efficient default color. However, you can add your favorable color to the components or paint it after it dries.
Using Milpox is quite simple. You just need to mix equal amount of the parts and then use the paste in a specific period of time (which is different for each type of paste). Not only can this paste be used for repairing cases, but also you can attach things on the vertical surfaces, which is the only solution in some special situations.
The other important use of Jalasanj Milpox paste is being able to seal and make the containers and pipes stop leaking. This use could be miraculously helpful to avoid high expenses.
Milpox is able to cure at wet environment even under the water and its condition will remain the same after it dries. Milpox can be used at high temperature and it never expires. It will stand still for a life time if it is stored in a desirable condition.
Milpox has two types: fast cure, and slow cure. The user can choose any of them although the slow cure is suggested so that you have enough time for repairing or part manufacturing as well as possible.

Technical specifications of the product

Property Value Unit Description
Mix Ratio 1:1 Equal
Color After Mix Light Yellow
Gel Time
2 Hour in room Temperature
Cure Time
3 Hour in room Temperature
Hard Time
12 Hour in room Temperature
Operation Temp
+10 to +40 Centimeter
Thermal Resistance
+150 Centimeter
Package Type
Carton Two Parts in a Pack
Package Dimension
150×50×25 Milimeter
Includes Part A (Resin) + Part B (Hardener) + Manual

Each main carton contains 6 boxes of 12 pieces (72 pieces in total)