Metal Polish

Metal Polish

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  • Polishing and polishing of metals
  • Repair of scratches and matte metal surfaces
  • Ease of work
  • Repairs damage to acids and detergents on metal surfaces
  • Can be used on painted surfaces of home appliances
  • Ability to scratch the CD
  • Ability to repair opaque transparent plastic parts, glass and Plexiglas
  • Ability to electrify and revive jewelry

Jalasanj Metal Polish is an old product of Jalasanj Company which has the ability to clean and polish all types of metallic surfaces.
This product has opened its way to almost every home with the aim of embellishing and even restoring surface damage on metallic and plastic parts, so that whenever you use Metal Polish, you will feel a great feeling to look at your appliances.

The basis of metal polishing is surface abrasion, which, together with the appropriate cleaning agents and oils that are present in the composition of this polish, makes the surface brilliant.

By using this product, you can remove the effects of rust, oxidation and surface scratches of any metals, including steel, iron, cream, etc.

Jalasanj Metal Polish has numerous applications in the industry and can be used in surface finishing.

The way to use this product is quite simple, and you just need to put some polishing paste on the surface and rub and polish the surface with a piece of cotton. As long as you keep scrubbing, the polishing process continues, and you can keep scrubbing until you get the desired result.

Notice that the polishing feature is to create shine due to surface abrasion. It means that the polish eliminates a very thin layer from the surface of the piece and the glowing bottom layer will appear and accordingly, you will have a piece with a bright and clean surface like the first day.

Therefore, you should note that the use of polish on an unsuitable part may create an entirely opposite effect. So if you have a metal with a coated or painted layer and these layers are fine or of poor quality, using polishing can remove the veneer layer from your part and create an inappropriate effect.

First, ensure that your metal is covered and that there is no coat of paint or veneer, continue polishing until the result is obtained, and if there is a coating or paint layer, do it carefully and first, polish a small portion of the surface and if the desired result is reached, polish the whole surface.

In the case of certain metals such as copper, brass and… which have the capacity to oxidize quickly with air, the use of polish makes the piece beautiful and shiny for a while, but over time, it again causes rust on the surface, to prevent this from happening, you can prevent the surface from coming into direct contact with the air after polishing these parts in various ways, for instance, you can grease the surface with a cloth after polishing.

This product is not only for metals, but also for other elements such as the removal of scratches on CD and DVD, polishing of car headlights, car rims, domestic appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves, jewelry, precious stones, etc.