JALAFIX 123 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive with Activator Spray

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  • Super Fast Set
  • Usable With or Without Activator Spray
  • No Whitening
  • Long Life Storage
  • Full Clear

Jalafix 123 adhesive is from the family of cyanoacrylate drip adhesives, which comes with a special accelerator or activator spray. Jalafix adhesive can dry on its own and will have an acceptable strength, but the use of accelerator spray causes the adhesive to dry in 3 seconds. Jalafix can be used to glue more objects such as metal, wood, MDF, glass, rubber, plastic, fabric, cardboard, polyester, epoxy, etc.
Jalafix is ​​very easy to use, just put some glue inside the bottle on one side of the surface and spray a puff of spray on the opposite surface, immediately put the two pieces on top of each other and wait a few seconds until the glue is completely Dry and then release the parts. Also, if you do not have a time limit, you can use the glue alone (without using accelerator spray) to create multiple strength.
Due to extensive research in the formulation and packaging of this product, Jalafix has a longer shelf life in its packaging and it is enough to keep it in suitable environmental conditions and away from high light and heat to have the longest life.