Epoxy Glue

5Minutest Fillered Two Component Epoxy Adhesive Grade-706F

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  • Easy To Use
  • Fast Cure (5 Minutes)
  • High Adhesion strength
  • Excellent resistance to moisture and various environmental conditions
  • Long Life
  • Acceptable chemical resistance
  • Equal mixture ratio (1:1)
  • No volume change at Curing and Hard
  • Suitable for molding, modeling, composite and fiberglass
  • Ability to machine, drill, sand, scraper and…چسب دوقلو

Two components 5minutes Jalasanj twin gum is an epoxy based glue which it has high strength for home and artistic uses and repairing or gluing various objects such as metal, wood, glass, fabric, hard plastics, etc.
This product doesn’t have any change in volume or shape after hardening and climatic factors will not have any effect on it and it’s completely water-resistant after fully cured Therefore, as well as gluing objects, you can use it for sealing and filling or molding and making parts.
For use Jalasanj twin gum you just need to mix the material in each tube 1:1 (by weight or by volume) after that use the mixture immediately. The mixture dries in 5minutes and completely hard in 2hours at room temperature. It is notable that the glue will be cured more quickly at higher temperatures and slower than usual at lower temperatures.
You can storage this product for many years before mixing two parts, and it has hundred years life time after mixing.