Thursday, 04 June 2020
22:04 PM
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Stone Adhesive


Jalasanj Stone Adhesive comes in 80-gram, 220-gram, 400-gram, and 800-gram cans; we also have 280-kilogram barrels for industries.  Jalasanj Stone Adhesive has two components and it is suitable for holding together artificial stones, natural stones, wood, etc.  It is also suitable for filling the cracks and holes in the buildings and places like bathrooms.  Stone Adhesive has a guaranteed shelf life of 14 months form the date of production.


What You Need To Know:

Jalasanj Stone Adhesive is Polyester based and as a result has good resistance against water, and cold or hot weather and the passing of time do not affect its resistance.  Because its volume does not really change, it has found especial industrial applications and it can be used for filling the cracks and holes of different pieces.  You can also use it for making different models.  It is capable of being filed and carved, and prior to using, you can add some color to it to give it the desired color.  If you make certain pieces by using Jalasanj Stone Adhesive, you can hold the pieces together by using the Stone Adhesive.  Weak solvents like benzene and oil do not affect the adhesive after it has been dried, but you should remember that the presence of any solvents on the surface of the bodies you want to hold together, would affect or even prevent the adhesion.

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