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Jalasanj Twin Paste is the most popular among model makers, restorers of antiques, handymen, craftsmen, etc.  It also has different uses around the house.  Because of it's interesting properties, by using your creative mind you would also be able to find new and exciting applications for it.

Among the reasons for its popularity are its ease of use, flexibility, durability for over one hundred years after fully cured, strength, etc.  It could also be sanded, sawed, filed, painted, … after it has fully cured.



Using Jalasanj Twin Paste is very simple, however if it’s the first time you are using it, we strongly recommend you first work on a small sample until you familiarize yourself with its unique properties.  You should first mix equal amounts of part A and B in your hands for at least five minutes until no streaks could be seen.  Other than in Jalasanj white Twin Paste, the two parts of A and B have different colors which could help you when mixing the two parts.

Just like Jalasanj Two-Component Adhesive, Jalasanj Twin Paste should be applied on a surface which is clean from any dirt or grease.  To degrease a surface we suggest the use of solvents such as Acetone or at least warm water and soap.

At room temperature it takes around three to four hours for the paste to dry and harden without any shrinkage.

Use of water to help manipulate the paste is strongly recommended.  You could also wet your hands and tools to prevent the paste from sticking to them.  You could also use your wet fingers or a wet cloth to give your work a smooth finish.  In certain instances depending on your application you could also use baby powder (talc) to prevent the paste from sticking to your fingers.  Furthermore, you could leave the paste for around fifteen minutes after you have mixed it until it becomes less tacky.  If you want the paste to have flexibility after dried, instead of mixing equal amounts of A and B, you should increase the amount of part B used up to two times.  You should always wash the tools you have used by the end of your work, because if you let the paste to dry on the tools, it would be almost impossible to clean the tools.  Also you should note that like many products that you use at home, like detergents, the paste might stimulate sensitive skins, which in that case we recommend the use of gloves (don't forget to wash the gloves while you are still wearing them after you finish your work.)

Note:  water does not affect the quality of the paste.

Storage: you should keep Jalasanj Twin Paste in a cool and dry place.  Always remember to seal the bags containing the parts of A and B after you finish your work.  Kept under good condition you could expect it to have a life time of at least two years.

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