Thursday, 04 June 2020
22:35 PM
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Metal Polish

In addition to using Jalasanj Metal Polishing to shine gold, silver, copper, steel, brass, etc. you can use it to clean even painted surfaces and hard plastic such as the body of computer monitors or vacuum cleaners.

Jalasanj Metal Polish comes in 44-gram tubes and 700-gram cans.  It has a pinkish color but it does not leave any color after being a used.  At home, people use a piece of soft cotton to apply it on the intended surface, for industrial use, however, special polishing machines are used for applying the polish.

What You Need To Know:

Jalasanj Metal Polish has a warranty of two years.  It should be mentioned however that any possible change in the appearance of the polish after two years does not mean that the polish is no longer usable.  In fact, you can use the polish as long as it hasn't dried; and becoming dried is usually due to bad storage conditions.



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