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Industrial Epoxy Adhesive

Jalasanj Industrial Two-Component Adhesive comes in two kinds:

Transparent (797C) and Regular (797F).  797C has a clear pale yellowish color and if you use it in thin layers, it seems colorless.  There is no color or filler (extender) added to Jalasanj 797C.  The main difference between 797C and 797F is the appearance.  797C is almost transparent, but 797F has a dark grayish color which makes it less expensive.  Furthermore, comparing to 797F, 797C is thinner. Each one has its own particular applications and once you familiarize yourself with them, they meet most of your needs.  They are used for holding together many different materials such as:  china, ceramic, stone, metal, wood, hard plastic, etc.  However, they are not suitable for oily plastics or polyethylene.


Typical Mixed Properties:

To use Jalasanj Industrial Two-Component Adhesive, you should mix the two parts of A and B in a ratio of 1:1.  By mixing equal amounts of part A and B, you give 797 the most suitable flexibility, which is the most recommended.  In a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, 797 starts to gel after two hours, cures after 8 hours, and the assembly would be ready for use after 24 hours.  It will continue to harden for 48 hours.  Please note that this would vary depending on the temperature.  Many of 797 users prefer to increase the temperature as much as possible, thus decreasing the gel and cure time.  Refer to Jalasanj Gel-time graph.        

Do you know why, in a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, it takes Jalasanj 797 two hours to Gel?  In the past, we produced 797 in many different kinds with different mixture properties and gel-time until we discovered what were the problems of 797 users and what did they need.

 1-  With a low gel-time, the users did not have enough time to mix, prepare and use 797, which resulted in lower efficiencies.  For example, if they had prepared large amounts of 797, some of it would have dried and wasted before being used; on the other hand if they had prepared small amounts of 797, they would have had to stop working and prepare some more 797 every now and then.

2-  As for the mixed properties, we realized that mixing the two components of A and B equally, by either weight and volume, made it a lot easier for our users who sometimes made mistakes in mixing the two components.


Safety Handling Precautions

Jalasanj Industrial Two-Component adhesive, 797, is poisonous and flammable.  Therefore, you should keep it out of children's reach.


If you cannot find the information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us. we would also appreciate it if you tell us what you think about our products.