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Regular Twingum

Jalasanj Regular Quick Two-Component Adhesive, which has a grayish color after you mix the two parts, comes in 18-gram packs.  In a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, you have five minutes to use the adhesive after you mix the two parts.  Jalasanj Regular Quick Two-Component Adhesive cures after 10 minutes and reaches its maximum strength after two hours.  It is suitable for holding together different materials such as:  metal, glass, ceramic, wood, and many more except soft plastics



1. Strong adhesion.

2. After dried, the volume of the adhesive would not change. As a result, the shape of the assembly would not change.

3. High durability.

4. After dried, it is capable of being filed or sawed.

5. Long shelf life.

6. After dried, it has good resistance against water, moisture and weak acids.


What You Need To Know

You should note that, in a temperature of 25 degrees centigrade, a gel time of five minutes means that you have only five minutes to use the adhesive after you mix the two parts of A and B.  Please remember that the temperature affects both the gel time and the drying time.  After you familiarize yourself with epoxy adhesives, not only you will use them better, but also you will pay a lower price for your needs of adhesive.


How To Use:

By weight or volume, mix equal amounts of part A and B thoroughly for 30 seconds; please remember that you should never mix the two parts on the surface of the materials you want to hold together.  Furthermore, make sure you clean the surfaces of the bodies you want to hold together thoroughly and if necessary use of solvents for cleaning the surfaces is recommended.  Be careful not to mix up the lids when putting them back on the tubes.  After mixing the two parts of A and B, you have less than five minutes to use it.  If some of the adhesive flows out, wait five to eight minutes and then use something sharp to cut the excess adhesive off your assembly to make it look professional.  You should not move the assembly for ten minutes.   Although the adhesive continues to harden for 24 hours, but you can use your assembly after two hours.  Let's remember again that the temperature has great effect on the gel time and the drying time.  The colder the temperature, the longer it takes the adhesive to gel and dry.  If possible, by drying the adhesive in a temperature of 70 degrees centigrade you can increase the tensile shear strength.  The difference would be up to 4 Newton per square millimeter.


We also have Jalasanj Industrial Two-Component Adhesives 797F and 797C with a cure time of 8 hours for industrial applications.  However, if you need your adhesive to have a quick cure time for your industrial applications, you can still use our 706C and 706F.


If you cannot find the information you need, please don't hesitate to contact us. we would also appreciate it if you tell us what you think about our products.



The differences between the two kinds of Regular and Transparent include: the Regular is more heat resistance comparing to the Transparent, and the Transparent, in addition to be colorless, is slightly more flexible comparing to the Regular, and is stronger.  Jalasanj Quick Two-Component Adhesive, under reasonable storing condition, has a warranty of four years from the date of production.